Hair Analysis

Discover your bodies foundational needs

Why do people choose the healing power of hair analysis?

This nutritional assessment can help to indicate where imbalances lie
in the body, Such as minerals, vitamins, fatty-acids, antioxidants,
amino-acids, environmental factors, heavy metals, gut health, and
more.This information will allow for development of a lifestyle plan to
improve your overall wellness

Why Hair Analysis?

Are you tired of spending too much on supplements you are not sure you even need? Hair analysis takes the guess work out and shows you what systems are in the most need for support, and how to go about supporting these systems.

How it works

Each of our hair bulbs contain live DNA. The specialized scanner gathers data from your hair bulbs and sends it to software for analysis. In roughly 15 minutes, over 800 key indicators are mapped and used to create the charts and tables which make up the complete Optimize Vital Foods Report. Once we have the report we review to make your personalized 90-day plan.

Meet Your Trainer

I found myself at rock bottom with my health when I was in my early 20’s. I had been to multiple doctors with no answers, I was told I looked great and was offered anxiety medication, but I knew deep down it was not normal to feel this bad. So I began searching for answers myself, that is when I found functional medicine!

I began to support my body with a whole foods diet and targeted supplements that fit my bio-individual need. Then my healing began. Fast forward several years, and I found myself passionate about health, wanting to help others support their body, with a whole foods diet and healthy lifestyle.

I joined the NTA program for nutritional therapy. After I finished the program I started offering hair analysis scans along with nutrition and lifestyle support, so I can help people like me who are looking to support their wellbeing with a healthy lifestyle.

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We are here to help you live life optimally and will respond as fast as we can. You can find answers to your most common questions on the FAQ page.

Hair analysis with 1 hour consult is $250

1 hour consult is $125

30 minute consult is $75

3 month package is $600 and includes hair analysis with five 30 minute consults!!

Yes and we encourage you to purchase a package to be guided on your journey to optimal health! 

The 3 month package includes hair analysis, customized 90 day plan, and five 30 minute consults all for only $600!! 

Hair analysis simple requires a few strands of hair and 15 minutes to get your results. 

It includes an hour time slot to personalize your 90 day plan. 

People who are tired of spending money on supplements they are not sure they even need! Hair analysis will identify what your body needs so that you can have a plan to attack what your body actually needs!

Yes, it is completely safe and non invasive.



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We are here to help you live life optimally and will respond as fast as we can. You can find answers to your most common questions on the FAQ page.