Cryotherapy - Recover

Heal yourself from within. Decrease blood flow & minimize inflammation to recover faster & increase endorphins.

Why do people choose the healing power of cold?

Cryotherapy is the process of exposing the whole body to cold temperatures for a short time in order to elicit a natural anti-inflammatory response, release endorphins, and constrict blood flow. 

Some of the many benefits include anti-inflammatory, immune boost, healthier skin, fat burning, positive mood increase, better sleep, and more. 

Enjoy our private plunge room where in under three minutes cold water will promote your body’s own internal healing system. You will leave feeling refreshed and ready for anything!

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Why Plunge?

Plunge is American made by hand and thoroughly tested. All of their equipment is designed for maximum safety and efficiency. Our cold plunge exposes your body to a higher “positive” stress and increases the effect of your cryotherapy session. 

What about cryosaunas?

Like cold plunging, cryosauanas and cryochambers achieve maximum benefits in under three minutes. Cryosaunas create a dry chill that drops the ambient temperature to a range of -185°F to -250°F, which cools the skin. However, research currently shows that all the benefits of cryotherapy occur with cold water therapy, not cold air. Come experience the difference in how you feel!

Ice Bath vs Cold Plunge

In an ice bath the water is only 51°F to 63°F, which would require 15 or more minutes in an ice bath to achieve the same results as our cold plunge. Plus the added expense and hassle of buying bags of ice. Our cold plunge drops the water temperature between 39°F to 42°F lining up with the research to allow optimum benefits of cryotherapy in as little as 2-3 minutes. 

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We are here to help you live life optimally and will respond as fast as we can. You can find answers to your most common questions on the FAQ page.

A standard session is 10 minutes, but you can always end your session early if you need to. 

The target time is 2-3 minutes. We added some time in case your body needs time to adjust. You can get in and out as many times as desired in your five minute session. 

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Purchase a buddy pass to help mentally push to the desired time in your plunge session! 

A cold plunge session feels like a refreshing jolt for your entire body. If you have ever jumped into a pool in late fall early winter, you have experienced this. 

Crystal clean. Our plunges come equipped with the state-of-the-art filtration systems, providing the highest quality water available. The filtration system is able to filter particles from the water to 5 micron in size (smaller than a skin cell). Water is completely recirculated and filtered through two systems at least three times between each plunge, and the most up-to-date technology in UV sterilization and ozone injection systems are implemented throughout the day to maintain purity. In addition, we test the water throughout the day to maintain the highest levels of sanitation. 

The water can have a unique smell for some people, which is why we provide an essential oil diffuser in the room. 

We provide towels in the room to make sure your experience is optimal.  

Build up to a 2 minute cold shower in the weeks preceding your cold plunge session. 

Showering is required before your plunge session. Many clients come by during their lunch break since the entire treatment session is only 5 minutes long. 

Cryotherapy improves circulation throughout the body and stimulates production of brown fat, so your future ability to tolerate cold will improve. 

Our cold plunge starts at 59°F and reaches temperatures as low as 39°F, lowering your core body temperature. 

We suggest plunging in the nude to directly expose the skin. Our plunges are completely hygienic and private. Should you prefer, you may certainly bring your bathing suit. Some people like to wear loose, comfortable clothing so it is easy to get dressed post plunge.

You are in complete control of your session. We have made the session longer to allow your body time to adjust to the cold plunge if you need. 

Remember just 2-3 minutes to get all the benefits a cold plunge provides. 

We offer contrast therapy sessions if you prefer to start with your body temperature elevated from our infrared sauna. 

Please consult your physician before using the cold plunge if you have any of the following:

Uncontrolled high blood pressure / prior heart attack / unstable chest pain / disease of blood vessels / history of blood clots / uncontrolled seizure disorder / cold allergy / open sores / nerve pain in feet or legs / pregnancy / Raynaud’s disease / Conditions or disease with increased sensitivity to cold

The peak benefits of plunging are best enjoyed as a result of a regular routine. While clients will experience benefits from a single treatment, we recommend doing a cold plunge one to three times a week for the first two weeks. This will induce cumulative effects in the body. After that, maintenance as needed to sustain the benefits. 

If you are an athlete we recommend after each training session for optimal recovery. 


See you Soon!

We are here to help you live life optimally and will respond as fast as we can. You can find answers to your most common questions on the FAQ page.