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Welcome, Dr. Joshua Day here. Alongside my wife, Jasmin, and our five children, I am excited to introduce you to my family. We are a family team that has been committed to health and wellness for the past eight years. We have used these years to relearn and educate ourselves for the enhancement of our family. 

At the beginning of my doctorate studies, our first child was born. We did everything any new parent is encouraged to do, but he began developing some neurological issues. Instead of continuing with the allopathic health advice that was not yielding results for our son, we opened our perspective to alternative methods. After researching the standard practices being pushed on us, we started to rethink what healthy even means. Everything we were always taught is “good” for us, did not line up anymore. We started to realize, like many others have discovered, that often what mainstream health sources say is best, is actually opposite from what your body needs. 

We changed our diets. We removed toxins from our home. We had genetic testing and blood panels ran. Before we realized it, our life looked drastically different, but the improvement in our health was immeasurable. We both subsequently lost weight, felt better, were able to heal many underlying issues we had, and felt more confident that mainstream health advice is not always good for you. 

We have passionately continued to learn about health and wellness and apply what we can into our family dynamics. 

It is our family’s dream to provide state of the art health and wellness therapies and supplies to those around us. New Day Healing and Wellness is the best way to accomplish our dream of a healthy, vibrant community here in Memphis and beyond! 

Consider New Day Healing and Wellness your spot for change, both inside and out. Come be a part of our community full of parents, students, explorers, game changers, and people just like you. 

We can’t wait to meet you!

About Dr. Day

Dr. Day received his doctorate degree in physical therapy to help people heal, but along the way realized exercise is only one small part of what it takes to live a healthy life. Dr. Day has worked in every type of the healthcare facility throughout his career. His post graduate training includes vestibular certified therapist, Dr. Amen brain health coach, and Olympic exercise training. For the past six years Dr. Day has read 100’s of books and listened to 1000’s of hours of the top wellness leaders in the world like Dr. Daniel Amen, Dr. Caroline Leaf, Dr. Frank Lipman, Dr. David Perlmutter, and many more to bring the highest level of wellness care to Memphis. His additional certifications include: Ziva meditation, kidney/liver/metabolic health, cancer health, mental health cycling, and he is the creator of the FASTER HEALTH program for optimal living. Dr. Day is dedicated to help you achieve optimal living through lifelong learning.

New Day Healing and Wellness displays our families dream to bring holistic wellness education and treatments to our Memphis community. We chose the name New Day Healing and Wellness for multiple reasons, but most importantly as a reminder that each day is a new opportunity to invest in your health. Each day you have a choice to do better than you did the day before and learn from your past. New Day Healing and Wellness is a place to access the tools necessary that aid you on your journey to optimal living. Much more than just treating symptoms, our methods target and resolve issues before they arise, resulting in a better, stronger, healthier you – from the inside out. 

Welcome to New Day Healing and Wellness. I’m honored to be part of your journey to optimal living. 


Dr. Joshua Day

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