Wellness Supplies

Brands We Use

At New Day Healing and Wellness, we only offer quality, vetted supplements and brands that we trust and use with our own family!

Plant therapy – Essential oils

Homeopathic kits and refills 

Earthley – tinctures and herbal supplements 

Bach Flower Remedies

Just Thrive – Probiotics and supplements

Rescue Remedy – Homeopathic tincture 

CBD Oil and products 


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Body Products

Carina Organics – Hair products

Aleavia – Hand Soap and body/face wash, and lotions 

Earthly – balms, deodorant, bath salts, chapstick, variety of body products 

Dr. Brite – Toothpaste 

Primal Organics – Variety of body products 

Lifestyle Products

Reusable cloth shopping totes and bags

Common Good – Refill station stocked with grab and go options for cleaning supplies like dish, all purpose, laundry, and bathroom 

EMF Blockers 

All That Jas – beeswax and soy candles

Marleys Monsters – Reusable/zero waste products like unpaper towels and stands, untoilet paper, wooden dish cleaner, sponges, beeswax wraps/food covers, cloth napkins, reusable bags/storage

Reusable water bottles 

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Pantry Items 

Purity Coffee

Kettle and Fire Bone Broth

Superior Electrolyte Drink Mix 

Local Elderberry Syrup 



Host Defense Mushroom Coffee & Tea

Family Section 

Lolly llama – Amber Necklaces 

Assortment of natural fabric/material baby and kid toys such as teethers, Montessori style products

Glo Pals – light up bath cubes

Honeysticks – beeswax/plant based crayons and paints, 

Organic dye free candies 

Kid safe (Plant Therapy) Essential Oils and products 

Kid line of Bioray 

Pregnant/Nursing specific products like nipple mom, postpartum bath herbs, nursing teas and snacks

Assortment of kid specific products – Diaper cream, baby shampoo, bedtime magnesium oil/lotion

Natural Pet products