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Membership Benefits

10% off additional bookings

Retail discount

Early hours MWF 7-11 AM

Session roll over on active memberships

Exclusive sales and events

Monthly freebies

Memphis wellness partnership discounts

Scholarship Option

We know that not everyone can afford our services. We know the value and health benefits our services provide and we believe that everyone should have access to them!

We are committed to providing scholarships to those who need our services and qualify for our scholarship. If you think this applies to you, click here!

We Love Memphis

Our commitment to the great people of our Memphis community!

Memphis is our home and we are committed to all of the people here! We are pledging to give 10% of our profits each month to smaller, lesser known local charities in the Memphis area. We believe that as business owners we should not only talk about caring for our communities or volunteer a few hours per year, but financially back the grassroots organizations and their teams so they can continue to grow in how they are helping Memphis. 

Please let us know about any of your favorite charities so we can add them to our rotating list of who we partner with, donating 10% of that month’s profits! 

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Love It All

1 monthly credit for HBOT

1 monthly credit for float

2 monthly credits for IR sauna

2 monthly credits for cold plunge

3 monthly credits to be used on red light, compression, and/or salt booth 

10% off all retail purchases 

Have It All

2 Monthly credits for HBOT

2 monthly credits for float

4 monthly credits for IR sauna

4 monthly credits for cold plunge

6 monthly credits to be used on red light, compression, and/or salt booth

15% off all retail purchases 

2 buddy passes – 1 for float & 1 for ir


Customizable to fit your needs 

30% off services in your plan 

Ideal for fewer monthly sessions

Available for even 1 service

Minimum of 6 sessions monthly 

Enjoy all membership benefits

20% off retail with plans over $750 

Add as many buddy passes as desired 

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