Philosophy of Optimal Living


The Problem

  • 88% of Americans are metabolically unhealthy 
  • The average life expectancy in America has declined three years in a row for the first time in 100 years. 
  • People are living with chronic and neurological diseases earlier in their lives than previous generations. 
    • 8 out of 10 adults now have at least one chronic disease. 
    • 65% of adults have two or more chronic diseases. 
    • 9 out of 10 people over the age of 65 currently suffer at least one chronic health condition.
Based on these stats alone, it’s clear that we are at a health crisis in America. 
These statistics may be even higher in Memphis considering it is ranked the fifth most unhealthy and second “fattest city” in America.
Fortunately, people are becoming more health conscious and New Day Healing and Wellness is here to help no matter where you are on your health journey. 

The Solution

We believe the state of your health is based off choosing to invest in yourself. We love what we invest in and most of us could use a little more self love. Good health is the ultimate form of wealth, and the great part is that everyone can actively pursue implementing healthy choices. This often requires hard work and commitment both of your time and financially, but the rewards of decreased stress/anxiety, increased energy, pain relief, weight loss, boosted immune health, and more are worth your investment.

As your health improves, you will notice increased happiness, success, creativity, connection, and fulfillment in your life. We are positive your future self and your family will thank you for making the choice to invest in your health now. We believe the journey to optimal living is lifelong, and is always changing as we age and as new research becomes available. As we know better, we do better.


The Optimal Way

At New Day Healing and Wellness, we believe there are 12 aspects to consider when choosing to live your life optimally.

It’s easy to remember by using the acronym FASTER HEALTH. 

Food is life 
Active living
Sleep to thrive 
Toxins around us 
Emotional agility 
Relationships with family and friends 

Habits create lifestyle 
Ever present technology 
Ample nature time 
Lively meditation/Spiritual life 
Tenacious finances 
High quality panels 

Optimal Living

There is a lot of confusion out there about what is the best for your health. Unfortunately, there is not a one size fits all path to optimal health. We are all bioindividual and respond differently to food, exercise, sleep, toxins, and stress. However, our holistic therapy equipment has been clinically tested and is research-based demonstrating healing & health benefits for anyone on their health journey whether you are looking to heal, recover, or optimize. 

Alongside our free resources, our holistic therapy equipment can aid you in all 12 aspects of optimal living. If you are interested in achieving more specific health goals, getting your questions answered, or having a personalized health blueprint, Dr. Day provides in-person health coaching. You can also join our online monthly membership in the FASTER HEALTH program.

We offer supplements both online and in our storefront to assist you on your health journey. We believe it is vital to get high-quality panels ran to determine what supplements you actually need, or you risk harming and overloading your body. This is why we specifically provide a method for you to get panels ran and a personalized reading by Dr. Day. We offer wellness products in store that have been beneficial to our family in healing and optimizing our personal lives. 

New Day Healing and Wellness helps you seek optimal living, both internally and externally. Stop in for an infrared sauna session while catching up with a friend. Meet for a cold kombucha instead of drinks after work. Take your next meeting in our hyperbaric oxygen chamber for heightened clarity. It’s all about conscious choices that prioritize optimal living. 


Born By Passion

I started my career to help people heal, but along the way I realized exercise is only one small part of what it takes to live a healthy life. I have worked in every type of healthcare facility during my career and there have been two common denominators: the companies deny medical care to those that need it due to profit and patients would get better only to return three months later.

New Day is here to solve what’s missing in the healthcare system today. We are passionate about proactive ownership and health confidence through the power of education. Allopathic medicine is most effective at “keeping people alive” by solely treating the symptoms of disease, which often results in you as a lifelong patient. Alternative medicine is usually geared at treating the whole person, encouraging a healthy body to prevent illness and speed up recovery, but can often miss foundational aspects. Both forms of medicine serve a role and we believe that New Day Healing and Wellness holds space for living in the tension of both perspectives. We provide holistic care which addresses not only the symptoms, but also the root issues. 

Because wellness education isn’t prioritized, we’re reactive as a society when it comes to sickness and injury, and therefore more dependent on our health care providers than ever before. We are dedicated to changing the narrative of healthcare and putting control back in your hands. We know the transformative power of education and want to reach more people. Because of this, we offer an online membership program to train you in the aspects of FASTER HEALTH.


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