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Train your brain to function at peak performance levels

Why do people choose the healing power of non-invasive neurofeedback training?

Let’s start looking at brain health like we do our physical health. We are experiencing higher levels of stress than ever before and our nervous systems are not equipped nor designed to live in this heightened and dysregulated state. Our busy lifestyles are making it increasingly more difficult to think clearly, concentrate and cope with everyday stressors.

Neurofeedback promotes healthier sleep patterns, helps you handle stress better, improves attention and focus and so much more! Re-organize your brain and close all those open tabs in your mind to feel calmer and more present in your life. 

NeurOptimal(R) neurofeedback is a sophisticated Brain Training tool designed to raise your baseline resilience to stress and optimize your life! 

Why Neurofeedback?

Much of our compromised mental performance comes from pervasive, recurring thoughts and feelings in which our minds become emotionally stranded or cognitively “stuck”. As a result, physical and emotional performance suffers. 

Every brain has a potential best – its own level of optimum flow and function. Find yours and improve cognitive performance with dynamic neurofeedback! 

How NeurOptimal® works

NeurOptimal® is designed to work with the brain as an information-detection system. NeurOptimal® monitors your brainwaves and alerts your central nervous system when changes occur. It trains your brain to function at peak performance levels. It is the only system of its kind that teaches the brain self-regulation and helps build resilience and flexibility. 

All of this learning is non-invasive, completely passive, and happens outside your conscious awareness. NeurOptimal® adjusts itself automatically in response to your brain’s activity, individualizing the training microsecond by microsecond to your own brain’s functioning.

The brain learns from the information it is given until, over time and without your conscious awareness or effort, it learns to organize itself more efficiently.

Meet Your Trainer

Arwen was introduced to NeurOptimal® in 2017 while working in a wellness center in Kentucky. She has both witnessed and experienced the dramatic changes that this training can produce and is excited to help residents of Memphis and beyond enjoy the numerous benefits of a more flexible, resilient, and optimized brain. 

“NeurOptimal® helped me greatly after suffering a concussion, and with continued use, has helped me mitigate symptoms of lyme disease, combat post-Covid brain fog, improve focus and mental clarity, and decrease anxiety. I believe strongly in the body’s inherent wisdom to help heal itself and feel that this truly safe and non-invasive form of brain training can be a powerful tool to help us live our best lives.”

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We are here to help you live life optimally and will respond as fast as we can. You can find answers to your most common questions on the FAQ page.

New customers sessions are $115 for 75 minutes

Extended sessions are $90 for 60 minutes

Standard sessions are $75 for 45 minutes

Add compression onto to any regular session or extended session for only $25

Yes and we encourage you to purchase a package since 8 sessions is recommended to see the benefits of neurofeedback. 

We offer 10 session and 20 session packages 

A new customer session lasts approximately 75 minutes. 

An extended session lasts approximately 60 minutes.

A standard session lasts approximately 45 minutes.

Anyone with a brain. 

No matter where you are starting from, every brain has a potential best, its own level of optimal flow and function. It doesn’t matter if you are a peak performing athlete or performer, or if you are struggling with relationships or your studies in school, or whatever your situation — given the right information about itself, every brain can reveal its best.

EEG sensors are used to track your brain’s electrical activity from the scalp, in real-time…millisecond-by-millisecond, and the software interprets the signals and gives feedback 256 times per second. You are listening to relaxing music, and your brain is given feedback about its activity in the form of auditory cues. When brain activity shows signs of change, the music within the  NeurOptimal® software is momentarily interrupted. This subtle cue alerts your brain that it is operating inefficiently and/or mobilizing to shift brainwaves. Your brain can use these auditory cues to help it correct and reset maladaptive patterns.

You can read, take a nap, meditate, or catch up on social media. As long as you can hear the music, the training is working. It requires no conscious effort on your part.

Yes, it is completely safe.

Unlike other neurofeedback systems, NeurOptimal® does not train states of consciousness and does not do anything to influence any outcome. Instead, it is up to your brain to use the mathematical information it receives, or not — as it will.

NeurOptimal® is a safe tool for self-optimization as it is 100% non-invasive and does not create any side effects.*

*In 2018 the FDA designated NeurOptimal® as a General Wellness Product, safe to be used directly by consumers without the need of a doctor or healthcare provider’s prescription or oversight.  

You may begin to see results after only a few sessions, but it may take several sessions to notice positive changes. We usually recommend at least 10 sessions (weekly in the beginning if possible). 

Brain training of this kind is similar to going to the gym, and results are cumulative. The changes made during training have lasting effects, but when you go through periods of high stress or experience mental or physical trauma, you may find that a “tune up” is necessary to get your brain back on track.

Many people choose to make brain training a part of their regular wellness routine for optimum health.

EEG sensors will be placed on your scalp and ears using standard conductive paste. The NeurOptimal® system uses Weaver Ten20. Further information about this product can be found here.

If you have allergies or sensitivities, please check before scheduling.


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We are here to help you live life optimally and will respond as fast as we can. You can find answers to your most common questions on the FAQ page.