Relaxation Room

Be In The Zone!

At New Day Healing and Wellness, we are a wellness and recovery spa and storefront. We want your experience to be amazing! We have created a pre or post session relaxation room for all of our customers to enjoy. 

Our goal is for this to be a space that you can enjoy before sessions, allowing our guests to prepare mentally. We also wanted to give you time to relax after sessions as well. Our hope is that this eases the transition back into the “real” world so that no one feels rushed through their visit and can experience the full benefits of a session.

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What We Offer

Atla water filtration system removes harmful contaminants, naturally alkalines, adds magnesium, and revitalizes to be light

Hapbee wearable wellness device to boost emotions 

Electrolyte packets to rehydrate after your session 

Guided Breathwrk to practice your favorite type of breathing 

Trigger-point massage gun to release any tender spots 

Organic teas that contain adaptogens and nootropics 

Apollo wearable to help your body recover from stress 

Lumie light to help boost energy and decrease SAD 

Room Set Up


Our relaxation room will have a  seating area that accommodates multiple guests. Feel free to bring a journal for some time to self reflect or brainstorm for new ideas after your session. We do recommend bringing your headphones since other guests may be in the relaxation room. 


If you have any suggestions for how we can make this room more relaxing, please let us know! 

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