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H&H Dairy Farm

H&H Farms has the best quality local, grass-fed raw milk around. You can check them out here. Make sure to follow them to stay updated! As a reminder, in the great state of TN, raw milk can only be sold for “pet consumption” currently. 

Yep that sure is a picture of our pets drinking it fresh! 

Raw dairy and its structure hasn’t been altered by any kind of treatment process. As with most foods, if you are going to consume them, go for the most natural form!

Raw vs. Pasteurized

By law, at least in most states, any dairy you buy from a store is pasteurized and homogenized, giving it a longer shelf life. The pasteurization process kills the live (beneficial) enzymes in milk and destructures the proteins. In doing so, it reduces the vitamin and mineral (calcium) content dramatically and kills those “live and active” cultures that are supposed to be healthy for you. 

Raw milk does not go through this unnecessary process and maintains all the beneficial enzymes, proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Plus, the full-fat content also mitigates some of the insulin spike and makes the calcium more bio available.

At New Day Healing and Wellness, we believe everyone should have access to health and wellness! We also believe the how you source your food matters and is often more effective for most people than finding an alternative source of food. Especially considering health is a life long journey. 

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