Display Your Art!

Our Commitment

When we opened New Day, we knew that our space would serve as a funnel for referrals, and as a way to connect others in the Wellness community! We have also always had the vision to use our space as a way to support local artists in the city of Memphis. 

Our hope is that we can function as a gallery space by allowing artists to hang their pieces on rotation. This relationship allows a wide variety of viewing demographics for the artist. We service customers of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds in Memphis. Currently our demographics are 72% female and 28% male with 74% of our customers being over 30 years old. 

We strive to make sure the artist we select for our space is valued and supported! Our marketing team will post your artwork on our social media, include your information and artwork in our newsletter, plus we have the option for you to use our space as an open house/art showing with no rental charge. We charge a 10% commission on any paintings that are sold while on display in our rooms! 


How To Showcase

Here at New Day, we have been very intentional to cultivate an environment for everyone that patrons our space. If you feel like your artwork would add to this and you’re looking for a place to showcase your work, please fill out the form below, upload your portfolio, and we will be in touch! 

Our first artist to showcase their work is Alexandra Baker. Her artwork is abstract expressionism. She speaks, heals & shares her heart best through the language of color and texture! 

Check out all her amazing artwork!!

Apply To Display Your Artwork!!