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Natural therapies & holistic wellness to reduce pain, ease stress, increase energy, boost immunity, and help you live life optimally in an increasingly busy world.

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If you don’t take care of yourself …

Stress and anxiety build

Pain increases

Immunity and energy decrease

And that leads to more poor health decisions and decreased quality of life. We don’t want that for you! New Day has given thousands of people a space to get back on track with their health goals. Our therapies will work for you too!!


Floatation Therapy

Reconnect with your parasympathetic system. Clear your mind and calm your body allowing float therapy to enhance healing, decrease stress hormones, & improve mental health.

Hyperbaric Oxygen

Give yourself an extra boost. Increased oxygenation nourishes your cells and speeds up every healing system in your body to recover up to 10X faster. 

Red Light Therapy

Increase cellular energy throughout your body to give your body the energy it needs to regulate hormones, decrease wrinkles & cellulite, increase injury healing, decrease pain, and improve immune function. 

Salt Booth

Breathe in dry microparticles of salt to heal respiratory diseases, improve skin conditions, recover from surgery, detox young lungs, increase lung capacity, boost the immune system, reduce stress, and sleep better. 

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Infrared Sauna

Surround yourself in the penetrative power of infrared light. Increase your body’s core temperature to detoxify, increase metabolism, melt away pain & stiffness, improve skin health and cardiovascular function. 

Cold Plunge

All it takes is three minutes to heal yourself from within. The frigid water temporarily decreases blood flow to increase energy, improve recovery, boost immunity, build grit, boost mood, reduce pain, limit stress, and enhance deep sleep. 

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Contrast Therapy

Be invigorated through the dramatic contrast of the warmth of infrared sauna and chill of the cold plunge. Accelerate nutrient rich blood flow, quell inflammation, and sharpen your mental focus. 

Compression Therapy

Experience how elite athletes use Normatec to flush the lymphatic system, decrease inflammation, encourage weight loss, improve digestion, enhance blood flow and recovery to gain the competitive edge. You will leave feeling reinvigorated.

Our Journey

The Day Family

We have been devoted to health and wellness for the past eight years, after our oldest son started having health problems. We have used these years to relearn and educate ourselves for the enhancement of our family. 

From the knowledge we gained, we spent countless hours identifying with and educating our family and friends in how to implement natural ways to heal, and also optimize their health. 

We love to share knowledge and provide holistic therapies, and hope to aid in increasing the energy, vitality, and health of the Memphis community.

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Ease Stress

Reduce Pain

Boost Immunity

Increase Energy