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Reconnect with your parasympathetic system. Clear your mind and calm your body allowing float therapy to enhance healing, decrease stress hormones, & improve mental health.

Give yourself an extra boost. Increased oxygenation nourishes your cells and speeds up every healing system in your body to recover up to 10X faster.

Increase cellular energy throughout your body to give your body the energy it needs to regulate hormones, decrease wrinkles & cellulite, increase injury healing, decrease pain, and improve immune function.

Breathe in dry microparticles of salt to heal respiratory diseases, improve skin conditions, recover from surgery, detox young lungs, increase lung capacity, boost the immune system, reduce stress, and sleep better. BREATHE IT IN NOW!

Surround yourself in the penetrative power of infrared light. Increase your body’s core temperature to detoxify, increase metabolism, melt away pain & stiffness, improve skin health and cardiovascular function.

All it takes is three minutes to heal yourself from within. The frigid water temporarily decreases blood flow to increase energy, improve recovery, boost immunity, build grit, boost mood, reduce pain, limit stress, and enhance deep sleep.

Be invigorated through the dramatic contrast of the warmth of infrared sauna and chill of the cold plunge. Accelerate nutrient rich blood flow, quell inflammation, and sharpen your mental focus.

Experience how elite athletes use Normatec to flush the lymphatic system, decrease inflammation, encourage weight loss, improve digestion, enhance blood flow and recovery to gain the competitive edge. You will leave feeling reinvigorated.

Why New Day?

Natural therapies & holistic wellness to reduce pain, ease stress, increase energy, boost immunity, and help you live life optimally in an increasingly busy world.

New Day Healing and WellnessExcellentNew Day Healing and Wellness5.0 Based on 201 reviews fromSee all reviews review us onEclectic EducatorsEclectic Educators ★★★★★ What a Wonderful Place!!I was researching to find out if there were any float tank amenities in Memphis and learned about this place. Although I didn’t book for a float(I will for my next experience), I wanted to try compresión therapy. I stand most of the day and even though I do walk, it’s not consistent. I thought it be a great way to increase circulation.I arrived a little early for my appointment and walked into a very calm quiet space. I was able to take a tour and learn more about services face to face. This made me feel more comfortable about booking a float appt. The compression session was very relaxing and I could feel a change immediately after the session. They have a relaxation room that one can take advantage of using after the session. There’s filtered water (no plastic bottles, yay!!), mugs for coffee, tea as well as packs with electrolytes. You can sit and relax before heading out for the rest of your day.I will book for a float session after completing this review. Try them out. It’s not as expensive as you may think as the person I encountered was very kind.Diana Elizabeth MedranoDiana Elizabeth Medrano ★★★★★ The float tank was amazing. I felt like the DVD logo bouncing around the water for the whole session. very fun and relaxing.Annie CornellAnnie Cornell ★★★★★ Host was very kind in explaining everything. Building was calm and welcoming. All around great first experience!Kelsey CarlisleKelsey Carlisle ★★★★★ This is going to be a new weekly stop for us! Took in my three boys today for Salt Booth because we needed some immune boosting and man did it work! Already seeing our sinuses cleared. New Day is relaxing and has a beautiful aesthetic but also makes it welcoming for kiddos. Love to have these natural wellness options in our city!Response from the ownerKelsey so glad the salt booth was able to help your families sinuses! We know how important it is for kids to also have access to healing so we love to see them in our store! See y'all back in soon!! Huda AgezHuda Agez ★★★★★ Staff is very helpful and kind. The retail is so convenient. Many different options for services depending on the type of therapy your body may need. Very clean and they provide everything you need and more for an incredible experience.Response from the ownerHuda I'm not sure which part of this review is better! Everyone read this review. See you back in soon!! Laura WilonsLaura Wilons ★★★★★ Excellent experience! It was clean and the staff was very helpful and friendly! I left feeling refreshed and rejuvenated!Response from the ownerLaura the contrast session is refreshing and rejuvenating! See you back in soon for more!! Stephanie JohnsonStephanie Johnson ★★★★★ Incredible float session! I didn’t realize how much I needed silence and calm in my life with two littles at home. My muscles feel great and I feel so relaxed from the salt and the float. The natural products offered before and after with the shower are so refreshing and smell amazing. I bought some fun local gifts in the lobby shop on the way out…decadent natural hazelnut spread and a chocolate bar!Response from the ownerStephanie so glad you received calm and muscle relief from the float! And yes everyone needs some silence, especially us parents. Love the products you chose. See you back in soon!! Shamika NicholsShamika Nichols ★★★★★ First time at this New Day and it did not disappoint. I left feeling absolutely relaxed. I can’t wait to go back. The facility is clean and peaceful. The staff are very helpful explaining everything and showing you all the amenities available to include the relaxation room, restroom and shower. I will be back for the infrared sauna again and to try the other services. I tried the watermelon electrolyte drink after my service that was offered in the relaxation room and next time I’ll be buying some to take home. Overall just a wonderful place and staff! So glad I found this place!Response from the ownerShamika glad we don't disappoint! So thankful for your thoughtful review. See you back in soon to try the other services!! Micaela OtalMicaela Otal ★★★★★ The Salt Booth is the perfect remedy for a sinus infection! Every time I’ve gone it clears it right up! The staff is welcoming and friendly and I would highly recommend.Response from the ownerMicaela yes the salt booth is the perfect remedy for a sinus infection! See you back in soon!! Michele CrumpMichele Crump ★★★★★ Welcomed to this beautiful place by Josh who took me around to show all the different choices they offer to enhance your health . Spotless , cheerful place that makes you relax upon entering . I chose the hyperbaric oxygen chamber . Josh explained the benefits and use . He helped me get in it . I was able to call him on my phone if I needed help or had questions . My body enjoyed a full hour relaxing on a memory mattress and breathing deeply . Josh helped me get out . I was a little light headed but drinking water disperse the feeling . I slept 8 hrs without interruption for the first time in a many years last night . I will do it again or use any other of the great offerings New Day had that I read about in fonctional medicine publications . Thank you Josh for helping us prevent disease ❤️Response from the ownerMichele so glad you enjoyed your hyperbaric session and were able to sleep 8 hours for the time in.years! We love to offer the latest in functional medicine. See you back in soon for more sessions!! Cassie CarterCassie Carter ★★★★★ It was refreshing and it was a beautiful place to go and relax. Loved all the decor and staff was very friendly and helpful. Look forward to going more and trying other things they offer as well!Response from the ownerCassie we love being described as a refreshing and beautiful place to relax! See you back in soon to try another service!! Gabby WeissGabby Weiss ★★★★★ Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy at New Day is a nonnegotiable for my health in this season of life. After being injured in early March, HBOT has been the only thing to truly help my symptoms and calm the inflammation in my body. I’m so grateful New Day provides this and many other healing services to the Memphis community.Response from the ownerGabby so glad we are able to help your body get back to how you felt prior to being injured! See you in soon for some more sessions!! PATTY ANDREWSPATTY ANDREWS ★★★★★ First, I love the place. It’s so pretty and calm feeling. I use the sauna and love everything about the services offered.Response from the ownerPatty so glad you feel calm when you enter the store! We love the sauna as well. See you back in soon!! PAUL CAPPAUL CAP ★★★★★ Compression therapy is a must after a long training run or speed work. This place has all you need to recover , relax and refuelResponse from the ownerPaul so glad you enjoy compression and felt relaxed during your session. See you in soon!! Hart KelmanHart Kelman ★★★★★ First time trying the red light therapy at New Day. Can’t wait to go back and do it again! The staff is friendly & helpful. I also purchased some sunscreen with minerals and look forward to using it this summer.Response from the ownerHart so glad you enjoyed red light therapy. And the sunscreen is great for summer time. See you back in soon!! Matthew WilliamsMatthew Williams ★★★★★ The float is so relaxing. The place is very clean.Response from the ownerMatthew so glad you were able to relax with the float. See you back in soon for more relaxation!! BAM MASBAM MAS ★★★★★ Very professional / nice staff. Extremely clean and state of the art equipment.Response from the ownerWe strive to have the best equipment and keep our space clean and relaxing for our guests. See you in again soon!! Tamarra GreeneTamarra Greene ★★★★★ I visited New Day for Compression therapy, it was the most relaxing experience. The staff was very nice and make sure that I was comfortable before leaving me to my therapeutic bliss. I am returning again this week.Response from the ownerTamarra we are so glad you got to experience some bliss during your compression session! See you in for another one soon!! Akashic BecAkashic Bec ★★★★★ My experience at New Day was truly excellent! I went for the first time 4/15 for a float tank session. I was warmly greeted by the owner Josh. Check in was a breeze, everything was pristine, and the session itself was amazing! I wasn’t made to feel rushed at all. In fact I was encouraged to relax and chill as long as I wanted afterwards in their sitting room. What impresses me the most is how many kinds of modalities they offer, the benefits of each service are fantastic. Highly recommend this place! Thank you.Response from the ownerRebecca so glad everything was pristine and amazing! We strive to make everyone feel at home and relaxed. And we agree we have some fantastic services. See you back in soon!! Shelley HuntShelley Hunt ★★★★★ I have enjoyed a few cold plunge sessions over the last couple weeks. I love it and will definitely be doing more. The atmosphere and staff here are very welcoming. Highly recommend!Response from the ownerShelley we love to welcome people into our space. See you in soon for more plunge sessions! jack brownjack brown ★★★★★ Had recent sinus surgery and was looking for some assistance in recovery phase. Talked ENT regarding salt chamber and infrared sauna to assist. Tried it today and my nose was not draining or running for first time since surgery.Response from the ownerJack so glad our salt booth and sauna are able to help your recovery process post surgery! See you in soon! Dawn GlasscockDawn Glasscock ★★★★★ It was great meeting my trainer again after a year of not seeing herResponse from the ownerDawn so glad you are able to do neurofeedback again!! Andrea MurciaAndrea Murcia ★★★★★ Súper excelente, las chicas son las mejores.Response from the ownerAndrea so glad you are getting better using hyperbaric oxygen therapy! And yes we have the best girls. See you back in soon!! Jeanne BjornJeanne Bjorn ★★★★★ Great healing space with many options. Lovely people to assist in the process.Response from the ownerJeanne we do have so many healing therapies! So glad you took advantage of red light. See you back in soon!! Amanda TaylorAmanda Taylor ★★★★★ I tried the float tank for the first time today. It was a very relaxing and enjoyable experience. The facility is very nice and clean with a calm vibe. The staff that helped me were friendly and made me feel very comfortable. I will definitely be returning.Response from the ownerAmanda so glad that you enjoyed your float! See you back soon for some more calm vibes!! Leann OlsenLeann Olsen ★★★★★ I have had 2 HBOT session and both were an excellent experience. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and the facility is very clean and welcoming.Response from the ownerLeann so glad you enjoy the hyperbaric and all its amazing benefits! See you in soon for another session!! Karen WaitsKaren Waits ★★★★★ So happy that Memphis has a place where you can access non-invasive ways to increase your health and wellness. I went for my first neurofeedback session today to help increase my sleep quality. I feel in love with the details like the relaxation room with all kinds of drinks and goodies to play with like a daylight simulator.Response from the ownerKaren neurofeedback is such an amazing option to improve sleep! We love to pamper our guests with great ways to increase their health. See you in soon for another session!! Asia Diggs MeadorAsia Diggs Meador ★★★★★ I have been looking for new activities and treatments to add to the list of ways I care for myself. I just had my first ever float session at New Day Healing and Wellness. The facilities were clean, quiet, and comfortable. Everything from the float tank, to the post treatment relaxation room, and use of the showers was fully explained. The weightless relaxation and deep meditative music put me right to sleep. I was only awakened at the end of my session by the echoes of my loud snores in the tank! This was definitely a unique way to relax and decompress. I’ll be floating again soon!Response from the ownerAsia so glad we are part of your self care list! The float is such an amazing way to relax. See you in again soon!! Sandra OatesSandra Oates ★★★★★ I had my first session today at New Day. I experienced the infrared sauna it was very comfortable and a wonderful experience. I look forward To my next sauna tomorrow.Response from the ownerSandra so glad you enjoy the sauna! See you in for more happy hour sessions soon! S RS R ★★★★★ Was visiting Memphis area for work and tried New Day on a gamble through Google maps. It was a great experience. Loads of amenities leading up to your appointment and after, such as waiting room with drinks. And the sauna was already warmed up when we arrived, so no waiting to get to sweating. Josh was super friendly and gave us extra time on the sauna. Plus there is a clean shower for afterwards. I will definitely be coming back before I travel back home.Response from the ownerLove when Google recommends great experiences like ours! We are so glad you were able to stop in. See you in before you head back home! Therese MooreTherese Moore ★★★★★ This place is amazing and offers great services! Very reasonable prices! Super clean! The customer service as absolutely terrific, we hope to get back soon!Response from the ownerTherese we love to give terrific service to our customers! So glad you enjoyed the sauna session. See you in again soon! Shauna EspeyShauna Espey ★★★★★ Highly recommend!! I went in for my first float tank session today and will definitely be returning. Every ounce of stress and anxiety melted away in that tank. Jason was super friendly and made sure he talked me through every step of everything before I got in. Will be back and will be recommending to my friends and family.Response from the ownerShauna love that the float was able to melt away all your stress and anxiety! Thank you for telling your people about us. See you in soon for some more relaxation!! M NM N ★★★★★ I do recommend this facility!! it has a very modern technology and very professional and friendly staffResponse from the ownerWe strive to provide the best in the wellness space to help people! See you in soon!! Stephanie NiemanStephanie Nieman ★★★★★ Great experience and an awesome, clean, facility! Staff is super knowledgeable and friendly. I love the products sold and the relaxation room after the session!Response from the ownerStephanie so glad you enjoy the relax room and all the retail products. See you in again soon for another float! denise Simkindenise Simkin ★★★★★ My friend and I did the floatation experience at New Day Wellness center on Sanderlin. The faciltiies are clean and well organized , the receptionist is very polite and her instruction clear. The actual floating is heavenly you are in a large egg shaped pod where 1000 lbs of epsom salt are mixed with warm water about the temperature of a warm bath. You have a neck noodle so your head is above the water and ear plugs you can use soothing music and different color lights to add to the ambiance ! The bathroom area where you change into your swimsuit is clean and well stocked with necessaties needed for your shower after your experience. Robes and slippers are provided as are the towels and wash clothes. Shampoo and body wash also is provided for your convience. The only thing I have to criticize is that the water could have been a tad bit warmer. I definitely will be going back!!! Denise simkinResponse from the ownerDenise the float is a heavenly experience. Love that description! So glad that y'all enjoyed your session. See you back in soon for a little more heaven!! Maeji BrownMaeji Brown ★★★★★ Started going to New Day after surgery and have continued to use their services since. The staff is very kind and welcoming. They are always prompt in getting me set up for services once I walk through the door. I always walk out relaxed.Some of my favorite services are compression, hyperbaric chamber, and red light.Response from the ownerMaeji we love having you in and are so glad you leave relaxed! See you in soon for one of your fav sessions!! Tiffany BukowskiTiffany Bukowski ★★★★★ My husband and I did the float tank together and it was an amazing experience. We had just had our first child three weeks prior, so we came out feeling rested and rejuvenated which was much needed! The whole store is so calming and I also love their retail section!Response from the ownerTiffany so glad y'all were able to enjoy the float experience together! We know how much new parents need rest and rejuvenation! See you in soon!! Elisa WellsElisa Wells ★★★★★ Warming environment good for any occasionResponse from the ownerElisa we agree that we are perfect for any occasion! See you in soon to warm up your life!! Kate BradleyKate Bradley ★★★★★ I absolutely love New Day Healing and everyone that works here is so kind. I’ve tried the Sensory Deprivation tank with a friend. I also enjoyed the cold plunge for an instant mood boost! It reminded me that I am strong and brave regardless of what roadblocks life sends my way. My favorite experience is hyperbaric oxygen therapy! I truly believe it helps my ADD/Autistic brain. Wish I had one at home to sleep in!Response from the ownerKate we love this review! And agree all of these services are so great and offer many healing benefits! See you back in again soon!! Meg BoundsMeg Bounds ★★★★★ Love this place!!!!Response from the ownerMeg so glad you love us! See you in soon!! Colleen BuckColleen Buck ★★★★★ We are so thankful for this place! Neurofeedback with Arwen has been so helpful with my daughter’s anxiety. Our bodies are amazing at healing/repairing themselves when we take good care of them and A New Day offers so many ways to do this. The staff is super friendly and the environment is very clean and happy 🙂Response from the ownerColleen we are so thankful for your support! And we agree our bodies are amazing at healing especially combined with our services 🙂 See you in soon!! Sarah Lawrence DavisSarah Lawrence Davis ★★★★★ I did the float tank for the first time last weekend, and I loved it. I am pregnant, and being able to float was so relieving. I will definitely be back to do it again!Response from the ownerSarah we are so glad the float gave you relief during your pregnancy! See you in soon!! Rachel SmithRachel Smith ★★★★★ I have loved using the float tank for relaxation and the sauna/cold plunge! Both are amazing!Response from the ownerRachel we are so happy that you love the float and contrast sessions! See you in soon!! Leigh Anne FrazierLeigh Anne Frazier ★★★★★ I just finished up a record-breaking Book Fair at my school. The owner of New Day came and spoke at a meeting I was at earlier this week. I felt like this was the perfect treat after a very long, intense week. I had a float and a compression treatment. I feel amazing. I would highly recommend checking out New Day. They have something to offer everyone.Response from the ownerLeigh Anne so glad we were able to treat you after an intense week! We hope to see you in soon!! ElectroLyfe Juice Bar MediaElectroLyfe Juice Bar Media ★★★★★ I experienced the hyperbaric chamber it was Very relaxing and peaceful. I feel refreshed definitely will be returning sooner than later! 10/10 highly recommendResponse from the ownerWe are so glad the hyperbaric was beneficial for you! See you in soon!! js_loader

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