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New Day has given thousands of people a space to get back on track with all of their health goals!

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Reconnect with your parasympathetic system. Clear your mind and calm your body allowing float therapy to enhance healing, decrease stress hormones, & improve mental health.

Give yourself an extra boost. Increased oxygenation nourishes your cells and speeds up every healing system in your body to recover up to 10X faster.

Increase cellular energy throughout your body to give your body the energy it needs to regulate hormones, decrease wrinkles & cellulite, increase injury healing, decrease pain, and improve immune function.

Breathe in dry microparticles of salt to heal respiratory diseases, improve skin conditions, recover from surgery, detox young lungs, increase lung capacity, boost the immune system, reduce stress, and sleep better. BREATHE IT IN NOW!

Surround yourself in the penetrative power of infrared light. Increase your body’s core temperature to detoxify, increase metabolism, melt away pain & stiffness, improve skin health and cardiovascular function.

All it takes is three minutes to heal yourself from within. The frigid water temporarily decreases blood flow to increase energy, improve recovery, boost immunity, build grit, boost mood, reduce pain, limit stress, and enhance deep sleep.

Be invigorated through the dramatic contrast of the warmth of infrared sauna and chill of the cold plunge. Accelerate nutrient rich blood flow, quell inflammation, and sharpen your mental focus.

Experience how elite athletes use Normatec to flush the lymphatic system, decrease inflammation, encourage weight loss, improve digestion, enhance blood flow and recovery to gain the competitive edge. You will leave feeling reinvigorated.

Why New Day?

Natural therapies & holistic wellness to reduce pain, ease stress, increase energy, boost immunity, and help you live life optimally in an increasingly busy world.

New Day Healing and WellnessExcellentNew Day Healing and Wellness4.9 Based on 159 reviews fromSee all reviews review us onSarah Lawrence DavisSarah Lawrence Davis ★★★★★ I did the float tank for the first time last weekend, and I loved it. I am pregnant, and being able to float was so relieving. I will definitely be back to do it again!Rachel SmithRachel Smith ★★★★★ I have loved using the float tank for relaxation and the sauna/cold plunge! Both are amazing!Leigh Anne FrazierLeigh Anne Frazier ★★★★★ I just finished up a record-breaking Book Fair at my school. The owner of New Day came and spoke at a meeting I was at earlier this week. I felt like this was the perfect treat after a very long, intense week. I had a float and a compression treatment. I feel amazing. I would highly recommend checking out New Day. They have something to offer everyone.ElectroLyfe Juice Bar MediaElectroLyfe Juice Bar Media ★★★★★ I experienced the hyperbaric chamber it was Very relaxing and peaceful. I feel refreshed definitely will be returning sooner than later! 10/10 highly recommendTina HaneyTina Haney ★★★★★ Always clean, timely and the folks are so nice!Response from the ownerTina we are so glad you enjoy the sauna and red light! We love to educate our customers and stock amazing products as well. See you back in again soon!! Myriam SandersMyriam Sanders ★★★★★ New day is always a relaxing experience. The staff is friendly and welcoming. The equipment and rooms are very clean. My favorite is the float tank and red light! Can’t recommend it enough.Angela HillAngela Hill ★★★★★ Enjoyed my red light session!Marina LawMarina Law ★★★★★ Such a relaxing experience and I was impressed with everything they had to offer! Very clean, nice staff, and details of the place were amazing.Kriston McDonaldKriston McDonald ★★★★★ Had my first experience with the contrast therapy. I really enjoyed my session. They explained the process thoroughly and well. The amenities are A+ with robes, slippers, and plenty of towels. It was very relaxing and rejuvenating, going from the plunge to the sauna. I enjoyed spending some time in the relaxation room afterward. Cannot wait to use my other sessions and try other services they have to offer.Pamela CoxPamela Cox ★★★★★ This place is awesome! The float tank is a must for everyone to experience at least once. There are so many great things to choose from. Self-care is so important!!!Dawn WeaverDawn Weaver ★★★★★ The float booth is amazing! The water temp was perfect and it was so relaxing. The staff is so welcoming and helpful.Response from the ownerDawn we are so happy that the salt booth got you over your sinus issues so quickly! And yes the float is an amazing relaxation treat!! See you in soon! David ThomasDavid Thomas ★★★★★ Quick clean and great facility.Kendra MurphyKendra Murphy ★★★★★ I'm a big fan of saunas and my experience at New Day Healing and Wellness was excellent. It was clean and well-maintained, the person I interacted with was kind and helpful, and the post-sauna relaxation room experience was one of the best I've had. Highly recommend!Response from the ownerKendra it was a pleasure having you in store! We are so glad you enjoyed the sauna session. And yes we love our relaxation room for post session experiences. See you back in soon!! Jessica DanielleJessica Danielle ★★★★★ I had a great experience with the red light! They made me feel so welcomed and informed on how the process worked! I will be returning to try other sessions! The self care was so nice 🙂Response from the ownerJessica we are so glad you enjoy our red light device! We love to give people a great self care experience! See you back in soon for another session!! Lillie SwannerLillie Swanner ★★★★★ This place is incredible! From the moment I walked in, the staff was very kind and ready to answer any questions I had, everything was so neat and organized and overall had a relaxing environment. I went for a cold plunge, which as a former student athlete this concept was not new to me. However the staff still informed me about the differences between normal ice baths and their cold plunge, along with the health benefits of the cold plunge! For someone who likes to know the why behind what they’re doing this was very beneficial to me. I had a great overall experience and can’t wait to go back for more!Response from the ownerLillie we are so glad you were able to experience all the health benefits of the cold plunge! We love to educated our guests! See you back in soon for another plunge session!! ingrid gonzalezingrid gonzalez ★★★★★ First time trying the salt booth! It's not a joke that after just 10 minutes I felt I was breathing better. I was stepping out of the parking lot and taking in more of what felt clear air without sniffling at all.Response from the ownerIngrid we are so glad you and your brother enjoyed the float together! So glad y'all were able to spend some quality time! Daniel TestDaniel Test ★★★★★ If you haven’t visited this facility, you are missing out Memphis!Response from the ownerDaniel we agree! Come on in Memphis and check us out!! Gregory DriverGregory Driver ★★★★★ Josh the owner is incredibly knowledgeable and welcoming. The facility is top notch which makes you feel like you’re in an upscale hotel spa. 10 out 10 for Memphis offerings.Response from the ownerGreg thank you for the glowing review! We love being compared to an upscale spa and getting 10/10 ratings! Can't wait to see how our services help you!! Macy SmithMacy Smith ★★★★★ Really great experience and knowledgeable staff. if you don't know how to slow down, start with a float and then see how you feel after. Buy yourself something nice and get a good spa day 🙂Response from the ownerMacy we totally agree that a float is great way to slow down and have a great spa day! See you back in soon!! Larissa WrightLarissa Wright ★★★★★ A great place for red light therapy !Response from the ownerLarissa we agree! See you in soon for another red light session!! Alec WujcikAlec Wujcik ★★★★★ I was referred to New Day by a friend and am fortunate to have come across the services they offer. They have all of your recovery needs regardless of your activity level. The float tank and hot/cold therapy were amazing and I left feeling like a new person. Stop by and check them out!Response from the ownerAlec so glad your friend referred you and you were able to experience all the amazing benefits our services offer! See you back in soon for some more recovery!! Oginga CarrOginga Carr ★★★★★ Love this place, the staff is terrific and takes great care of you....Response from the ownerOginga we love seeing you in the store! Thank you for this review!! Tricia SpenceTricia Spence ★★★★★ I just had my first sauna experience and it was great. The staff are very friendly and helpful, I didn’t really know much about what was going to happen or what I needed, but I felt comfortable after going over everything with staff. I definitely felt better after my visit and will be back!Response from the ownerTricia we love to make our guests feel comfortable and educated! So glad you enjoy the sauna! See you back in again soon!! Morgan TynerMorgan Tyner ★★★★★ Absolutely amazing experience! I don’t live in Memphis anymore, but I’m from here. Since being in town for the holidays, I’ve had the pleasure of receiving several of New Day Wellness’s services and it’s been such a blessing. I’m extremely involved with wholistic health and wellness - and I’m a SomatIQ Breathwork practitioner. It’s so nice to meet fellow thought- leaders in the natural wellness space 🙏✨🤍.Response from the ownerMorgan we loved having you in over the holidays and connecting with a likeminded professional in the wellness space! Excited to see you when you are back in town!! John Luke TynerJohn Luke Tyner ★★★★★ Great experience, friendly service!Response from the ownerSo glad y'all enjoyed your time at New Day. Hope to see you back in soon!! Amanda CurryAmanda Curry ★★★★★ Wow… New Day Wellness has thought of everything!Beautiful space. Lots of services. So many complementary amenities to support your experience.I will definitely be back and I suggest anyone looking to support themselves in a variety of ways check New Day out.You won’t regret it!Response from the ownerAmanda we really try to think of everything and have all your health needs in one beautiful space! Thank you for acknowledging that! Look forward to seeing you back in!! Sara AlveySara Alvey ★★★★★ My first visit to New Day Healing and Wellness was a very positive experience. The facility offers such a relaxing, clean and professional environment. I used the salt booth to assist with improving respiratory & allergies. Major improvements were noted. Making my second appointment.Response from the ownerSara we are so glad the salt booth was able to improve your respiratory system and allergies! See you back in soon for another visit! Avery AmstutzAvery Amstutz ★★★★★ Just finished my second float tank session and going to try the contrast therapy place! Love New Day!Response from the ownerAvery so glad you you enjoy the float! See you in soon to try more services!! Brandy WestBrandy West ★★★★★ The owners and staff are very kind and helpful! I did a compression session and an IR sauna session and loved them both! I’ll definitely be back again. They also have tons of great products in their store!Response from the ownerBrandy we are so glad you loved your compression and sauna sessions and shopping all of our amazing products! See you in again soon for another session or two!! lee gasbylee gasby ★★★★★ Experience was great. I have never been in a floating tank before but it is so relaxing and refreshing. I recommend anyone to try it even if your scared, just do it. I didn't think I would actually float but I did and the meditation music help put u right on to sleep. I also use the IR Sauna, and I must say I felt better great after the whole entire experience. The staff gave excellent instruction on how everything went and I will be coming back. Thanks new dayResponse from the ownerKiswana we are so glad you enjoyed your float and sauna experiences! The rest, relaxation, and recovery with that combination is amazing! Thank you so much for choosing us as a place to share in your birthday celebration! See you back in soon!! Wesley LackeyWesley Lackey ★★★★★ very clean plunge and relaxation room, the water was cold . 39 degrees.Response from the ownerWesley yes the plunge is much colder than an ice bath! Glad you enjoyed the relaxation room after your session as well. See you in for another plunge soon!! Tasha MarieTasha Marie ★★★★★ I’ve enjoyed the float tank which is always a relaxing treat as well as the sauna. The facility is clean and the staff are friendly. Overall great experience.Response from the ownerTasha we love that you enjoy the float and sauna for relaxing! They are such a good combo! See you in soon for another session!! Buck TownerBuck Towner ★★★★★ The sauna and cold plunge were amazing. Plus, great and knowledgeable customer service! I will definitely be returning!Response from the ownerBuck we love the sauna and cold plunge combo as well! So glad you enjoyed your sessions. See you back in soon! Alexis HutchisonAlexis Hutchison ★★★★★ New Day is always clean and is such a beautiful space. The services are awesome, they carry a ton of wonderful products in their storefront, and the owners are incredibly knowledgeable and really care about their clients and community. Highly recommend!Response from the ownerAlexis we love seeing others in the health community come in and enjoy our awesome services! Thank you for your support! See you back in again soon!! Bonita JacksonBonita Jackson ★★★★★ The service I received was amazing, the floating tub was everything. And everyone is so welcoming, I will definitely be back.Response from the ownerBonita the float tank is everything!! We love to welcome people into our space! See you in soon!! Brenda ScottBrenda Scott ★★★★★ I came in with some muscle tension I was in the infrared sauna for :30 min, my mind and body felt very relaxed. After getting out all I needed next was my bed to totally relax in after a good bath. 😊👍😴Response from the ownerBrenda we are so glad you enjoy your sauna sessions and they relieve your muscle tension! See you in soon for another sauna session!! Justin NealJustin Neal ★★★★★ New day is an awesome facility! I recommend the plunge for three minutes then the sauna for as long as you like. I try to do this once a week for my body and have noticed a huge difference. The employees are also awesome!Response from the ownerJustin we are so glad your body is feeling better since starting contrast therapy! Thanks for the great review. See you in soon!! Jessica WoosterJessica Wooster ★★★★★ New Day is the best spot for health and relaxation needs!Response from the ownerJessica we love when people say we are the best for health and relaxation needs! See you in soon!! Lauren RobersonLauren Roberson ★★★★★ There is quite literally nothing around like this place! The services are incredible, the staff was super friendly and helpful, and the prices were very fair. Looking forward to reaping so many health benefits from this gem of a store.Response from the ownerLauren we strive to provide a one of kind experience both with our services and staff! Looking forward to having you back in for some more sessions!! England UnlimitedEngland Unlimited ★★★★★ Great little hidden gem of a spa. Staff was very friendly and very helpful. They took very good care of my wife and calmed her nerves about the hydrotank session. They explained everything to her and walked her through the process.She loved the way the salt water made her skin and hair feel after 1 sessionDefiently booking another session soon.Response from the ownerWe are so glad your wife enjoyed her float session! And the hair and skin benefits are amazing with floating! Thanks for leaving us a review and making us a little less hidden. See y'all in soon!! Andy BallardAndy Ballard ★★★★★ Awesome staff! Super friendly, patient and informative. I have always had a very pleasant experience when I go to New Day Healing and Wellness.Response from the ownerAndy we are so happy you have enjoyed your time at New Day! Hope you enjoyed your free birthday session! See you in soon!! Jo-EL-LenJo-EL-Len ★★★★★ Amazing!!! I never wanted to leave this place so I asked if I could move in....they said no of course. But I'll be back to try to convince them ASAP. Wish me luck y'all! 😉🥰Response from the ownerLove this and so glad you felt welcomed in our space! We would love to move in full time too. We'll let you know what the landlord says! See you in soon!! js_loader

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